Terms of Service

General Service

Our service is provided as is and is subject to change at any time including disabling inactive accounts.

We reserve the right to changes these terms as we see fit and you are bound to these terms when you use our service in any capacity including registration.

Our service is sometimes subjected to DDos attacks as well as outages which we will not be held liable or responsible for.

Payments - Including price changes and refunds

We reserve the right to change our prices at any time and we also cannot be held liable if there are errors in the pricing due to update failures.

Regarding refunds, once payment has been made you enter into agreement to use our service so there are NO refunds.

Regarding Bitcoin or crypto currencies, these will also be subject to changes in pricing and conversion rates which we have no control over.

Further more, if the value of said crypto currency changes and any payments made devalue - we cannot be held liable for this and the difference will be required to be paid regardless.